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At Lumsden Florist, we are committed to doing better.  We are learning new ways to do things, and this is our incorporation of environmental and social responsibilities we are prioritizing at this time:

1. **Sourcing from Local, Sustainable Growers when possible**: Commit to sourcing flowers and plants from local growers who use sustainable farming practices, such as organic growing methods and reduced pesticide usage. This supports the local economy and reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation.  This includes growing our own plants here in store from cuttings whenever possible.

2. **Minimizing Single-Use Plastics**: We re-use paper and boxes from local businesses and individuals, that would normally go to a recycle centre instead of buying new.  If we are forced to use purchase, we use biodegradable or reusable packaging materials instead of single-use plastics. For example, using newspaper wrapping or compostable materials for bouquets and arrangements can significantly reduce environmental impact.

3. **Water and Energy Conservation**: Implementation of LED energy-efficient lighting and heating systems in the shop to reduce energy consumption.  We are currently upgrading our cooler system to a high efficiency model.

4. **Responsible Waste Management**: We offer a Used Vase and Container Recycle service for those who might otherwise throw their unwanted containers into the landfill. Minimize paper waste through digital communication and documentation where possible.

5. **Supporting Fair Labor Practices**: Ensure fair wages, sales bonuses and working conditions for employees and suppliers. This can include providing a safe and healthy working environment and promoting equal opportunities.

6. **Promoting Biodiversity**: Offer a variety of locally made items and locally grown seasonal plants and flowers to support biodiversity and reduce the environmental impact of long-distance transportation.  As a proud Metis owner, we are happy to support Metis suppliers.

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