Delivery Options

We are delighted to offer delivery services to Lumsden and surrounding areas.

Same Day
We can normally offer same delivery within Lumsden. For further communities, please leave up to 48 hours for delivery, order early when possible. Obviously, this being Saskatchewan bad weather/roads can slow things down.

Lumsden Florist etc. asks that to help us assure on-time delivery during busy holiday seasons, kindly place your order at least a week in advance.

General Note
We do not deliver on Sundays or Mondays: deliveries will be made either one day ahead or on the next business day that we are open (special orders such as weddings & funerals will receive special consideration).

Delivery Costs

Local: We deliver to the town of Lumsden, and within a 7km radius for $8.00
Further afield: For delivery over 7km from our shop, the delivery fee is $1/km.

Common destinations and delivery cost:

Lumsden – $8
Regina Beach – $29
Buena Vista – $29
Sask. Beach – $29
Silton/Kannata Valley – $29
Craven – $14
Deer Valley – $14
Earl Grey – $49
Bulyea – $45
Strasbourg – $49
Southey – $49
Pense – $30
Disley - $20
Bethune – $29
Regina – $20*
Saskatoon - $29*

In cases of bad winter weather, deliveries may be delayed until safe road travel resumes.

Regretfully, due to unfortunate doggy attacks and such, we will not offer delivery to farms or acreages. We encourage these customers to pick up the order in the shop.

*Regina deliveries will go with a courier service which collects on weekdays around 130pm.  Order before noon for same day delivery, otherwise it will go the next business day

*Saskatoon deliveries will go with a courier and depart around 1130am on weekdays.  Most orders will go the next business day.