Graduation Flowers
Corsage & Boutonniere Care

Don’t Order It Too Early
Corsages are best picked up either the day before or Graduation day. Since graduation season is a busy one for florists, feel free to order your corsage in advance – simply choose the pick up date you need.

Keep It in the Container
Keep your corsage in the baggy for as long as you can (right up until it’s time for your daughter to put it on). Make sure the bag isn’t crushing or bending any of the flowers.

Refrigeration is key to prevent your corsage from wilting – especially if you’re preserving the blooms overnight. A few tips for refrigeration: First, place the corsage where it won’t be jostled or crushed by other food. Also, refrigerator temperatures vary shelf by shelf – your daughter’s corsage shouldn’t be kept so cold that it might freeze, so place it near the front (or in the door) and far away from the freezer. Finally, try to avoid refrigerating the flowers for over 24 hours.

Spritz It with Water
If you are wearing it early for photos ahead of time, you should take a few steps to keep the flowers looking fresh and vibrant. First, use cool water and a spray bottle to lightly spritz the bloom of each flower, and put it back in its sealed baggy and refrigerate until Graduation.

Post-Grad Preservation
Once the big day has come and gone, wrap a rubber band around the stems just under the blossoms (or use a clothes pin) and hang the whole arrangement upside down in a dry and dark spot. Within a couple of days the flowers will be completely dry and can be kept for years. It would look great in a shadow box along with a picture of her... hint hint.

What People Are Saying:

Hi Rachel. I just wanted to tell you what a great job you do on your newsletter! I really look forward to it.” ~ Charlotte

 Everybody raves about these flowers! Incredible “WOW” factor. ~ Jean

Bailey LOVED her RAINBOW rose. She’ll be down for another. ~ Naomi

Hey, my girlfriend’s daughter got a pair of Padraig slippers for Christmas and absolutely loves them. Her mother is constantly trying to borrow them. ~ Tim

I wanted to tell you that the flowers I have on my desk are still looking very nice. They are really lasting. Thank you again so much. ~ Brenda

We would like to thank you for your personal touch in delivering my mother’s flowers. It makes her day. She phoned us as soon as you left to thank us and say that you had delivered them yourself. It was a very special touch.” ~ Pat and John

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