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Airplant are unique because they are not planted in soil.

they do require weekly baths.

once a month it's a good idea to soak them in fertilized water.

small air plant

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  • Basic Air Plant Care

    Lighting: for Tillandsias should be bright but filtered (April - October). They should not be left in the direct sun in the summer months (this will cause the plant to become sunburned ). Tillandsias love direct sun (November - March). Tillandsias may be grown in the house directly in front of a window. Fresh moving air is advisable, but remember, the most important care need is bright filtered light.

    Artificial Light: Full spectrum artificial light (fluorescent) is best. Plant should be no further than 36" from the fluorescent tubes and can be as close as 6". A four-tube 48" fixture works well. Bulbs can be any full spectrum type Gro-Lux, Repta-Sun, Vita-Lite, etc. Light should be set with a timer, 12 hours per day.

    Water: Soak your Tillandsia once per week for 20 minutes in a sink of water; more often in a hot, dry environment; less often in a cool, humid one. Plants should be given enough light and air circulation to dry in no longer than 4 hours after watering. Give a good shake holding the plant upside down to remove excess water. Spray misting is insufficient as the sole means of watering but may be beneficial between regular waterings in dry climates to increase the humidity.

    If the plant is in a shell, be sure to empty the water out. Tillandsias will not survive in standing water. Under-watering is evidenced by an exaggerating of the natural concave curve of each leaf.

    Air Circulation: Following each watering, Tillandsias should be given enough light and air circulation to dry in 4 hours or less. Do not keep plants constantly wet or moist.

    Temperature: Optimum temperature range for tillandsias is 50 - 90 degrees F.

    Fertilizer: Use Bromeliad fertilizer (17-8-22) twice a month. It is GREAT for blooming and reproduction! Other water-soluble fertilizers can be used at 1/4 strength (Rapid Grow, Miracle-Grow, etc.) if Bromeliad fertilizer is not available.

    • BLOOMS will start to come from the centre of the plant, they will look a little different from the leaves. When your plant is actively blooming, be careful not to get the flower wet at bath time or it might not suvive the bath.

    • BABIES will usually start a couple weeks after flowering finishes. The baby will be down near the base of the plant, in an armpit. Once the baby is 1/3 the size of Mama, it can be removed (just break it away) or you can leave it.

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